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(82) Alton Marshall - Passiflora x alato-caerulea (synonym: P. pfordii)

(83) Alpinia calcarata (Indian ginger)

(84) Zamia furfuracea (cardboard "palm"), Aphelandra aurantiaca 'Roezlii' (fiery spike), Thelypteris kunthii (southern wood fern), Livistona chinensis (Chinese fan palm), Syagrus romanzoffiana (synonym: Arecastrum, queen palm) trunk

(85) Justicia brandegeana (synonym: Beloperone guttata, shrimp plant)

(86) Alton Marshall - Musa acuminata, Jatropha gossypifolia (bellyache tree), trunks of Plumeria rubra hybrid

(87) Alton Marshall - Bauhinia forficata (Mexican white orchid tree)

(88) Livistona chinensis (Chinese fan palm), Alocasia antiquorum, Mandevilla 'Alice du Pont' on trunk of queen palm

(89) Archontophoenix cunninghamiana (king palm), Caesalpinia pulcherrima (pride of Barbados), Piper auritum (root beer plant), Livistona chinensis (Chinese fan palm), Strelitzia nicolai (giant bird-of-paradise), Codiaeum variegatum croton)

(90) Cyathea cooperi (Australian tree fern), Pachira aquatica (Guiana chestnut / water chestnut / provision tree)

(91) Alpinia zerumbet (shell ginger)

(92) Archontophoenix cunninghamiana (king palm), Jatropha integerrima (peregrina), Strelitzia nicolai (giant bird-of-paradise)

(93) Macfadyena unguis-cati (synonym: Doxantha unguis-cati, cat's-claw vine)

(94) Caladium 'Aaron'

(95) backyard garden two years after planting

(96) Alton Marshall - Carica papaya (papaya), Cyathea cooperi (Australian tree fern)

(99) Alpiia zerumbet 'Variegata' (variegated shell ginger)

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