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(100) Calliandra emarginata (dwarf red powderpuff)

(101) Alpinia zerumbet (shell ginger)

(102) Strelitzia nicolai (giant bird-of-paradise / white b.o.p.), Livistona chinensis (Chinese fan palm), Jatropha integerrima (peregrina), Impatiens 'New Guinea', Phoenix roebelenii (pygmy date palm), Codiaeum variegatum (croton)

(103) Pachystachys lutea (yellow shrimp plant / golden candle)

(104) Alton Marshall - Eriobotrya japonica (loquat)

(105) Alton Marshall - Erythrina crista-galli

(106) Alton Marshall - Justicia aurea

(107) Tetrapanax papyrifera (rice-paper plant / Chinese rice-paper plant)

(108) Alton Marshall - Manihot carthaginensis

(109) Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Chinese hibiscus / tropical hibiscus), Strelitzia nicolai (white bird-of-paradise / giant b.o.p.), Jatropha integerrima (peregrina), Livistona chinensis (Chinese fan palm), Impatiens 'New Guinea', Codiaeum variegatum (croton)

(110) Alocasia plumbea (purple taro), Pachira aquatica (Guiana chestnut / water chestnut / provision tree), Mandevilla 'Alice du Pont', Syagrus romanzoffiana (synonym: Arecastrum, queen palm), Thelypteris kunthii (wood fern / southern wood fern)

(111) Alton Marshall - Pseudobombax ellipticum (shavingbrush tree), Ricinus communis (castor bean)

(112) Macfadyena unguis-cati (synonym: Doxantha), cat's-claw vine

(113) Heliconia 'Golden Torch'

(114) Musa x paradisiaca (horse banana / Orinoco banana), Xanthosoma violaceum (blue taro / blue ape - "AH-pay"), Philodendron selloum (hardy philodendron), Dypsis lutescens (synonym: Chrysalidocarpus lutescens, areca palm)

(115) Clerodendrum bungei (cashmere bouquet)

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