Baby/Miniature Vegetable List
from the Digital Raingardens Online Seed Catalog


VJ135 Baby Head Cabbage

A most unique cabbage that is the rage at specialty markets. Bears round blue-green heads of cabbage averaging 1/2 the size of normal cabbage heads. Has densely packed, solid interior with small core.
25 seeds per pack $1.95


1A085 Baby Corn

A popular choice in Chinese cooking. Baby corn ears should be picked within 5 days when silking. Plant and harvest these seeds this year for a huge crop next year.
100 seeds $3.95


BM61 Spacemaster 80 Cucumber

60 days. These dwarf plants produce heavily and are resistant to cucumber mosaic virus, scab, and moderately resistant to downy and powdery mildews. The eight inch fruit are good flavored and not bitter, even when grown in full sun.
Approximately 25 seeds $2.25

G185 Fancy French Pickling Cucumber

A different type of cuke that is longer and slimmer than the ones we normally grow. Although they can be pickled when mature, they are fantastic when pickled finger size as "baby cukes". Also very good for salads and snacks raw.
20 seeds $1.95


G026 Baby Eggplant

A great mini vegetable. Plants are compact and bear loads of miniature fruit that can be deep fried whole. One of the new rages in miniature veggies. Perfect for container raising. Fruits are very tasty.
20 seeds $1.95


TPF210 Tom Thumb Lettuce

A miniature butterhead type lettuce producing tiny ( perfect size for one person ) heads of sweet flavored lettuce.
$2.95 per pack ( several hundred seeds per pack )


PEP271 Miniature Red Bell

An amazing miniature bell pepper producing 70 or more fruits a plant. The fruits average 2 1/2 inches wide by 1 1/4 inches long. Peppers ripen from green to red. Produces in only 55 days.

15 seeds $2.50

PEP272 Miniature Yellow Bell

An amazing miniature bell pepper producing 70 or more fruits a plant. The fruits average 2 1/2 inches wide by 1 1/4 inches long. Peppers ripen from green to yellow. Produces in only 55 days.
15 seeds $2.50


FB165 Summer Ball F1 Pumpkin

A novelty variety for patio containers and small gardens.  This bush pumpkin's growth habit makes for a perfect school project. The small, round, bright orange fruit is produced in abundance, each one averaging 3-3 1/2 lb. The early fruits can be harvested and used as round, yellow summer squash or they can be allowed to mature to form small 'pumpkins' which have a much shorter storage life than traditional pumpkin varieties. An ideal choice for use in containers or limited garden space..
Package of 10 seeds $3.95

1A160 Jack Be Little

Miniature pumpkin about baseball size. Used for ornamental purposes. 95 days.  10 Seeds $3.95

1A161 Wee-B-Little

95 Days. Tiny, round pumpkin. Remarkably miniature, about the size of a baseball, avg. 3-3 1/2"" diam. and 10-14 oz. Its shape is like a normal pumpkin. Smooth, bright orange rind. Semi-bush plants for close spacing. A nice job by breeder Paul Yorty. 1999 All-American Selections winner. Avg. yield: 8 fruits per plant.  10 Seeds $2.95


3310 Whale Spinach

Smooth dark green elongated leaf, short upright habit, uniform baby type, ( harvest young for baby leaf, mature for regular spinach ) summer harvest, 53 days.
$2.95 per 2.5g pack ( about 250 seeds )


TPF211 Sweet Dumplings

A delightful small teacup size sweet squash, about 4" across. Very sweet, tender orange flesh, excellent for stuffing or cooking. Has striking appearance, with ivory color and dark green stripes.
$2.95 per pack ( 20 seeds per pack )


FB144 Jolly Elf Tomato

A new grape type tomatoes that are popular with gardeners. Grape Type F1 Hybrid, oz. oval, prolific, disease resistant, det, 65 days.
10 seeds $4.95

RTP902 Mini Charm Tomato

Grape F1, oz. oval, 20-50 fruits per cluster, high sugar, indet, 60 days, another wonderful new grape type.
10 seeds $3.95

RTP860 Tumbler Tomato

Cherry type bred for hanging basket, bushy, flexible stems, sweet, bright red, determinate, 45 days.
10 seeds $2.95

RTP861 Tumbling Tom Red Tomato

Cascading red cherry for patio basket, fruits all summer, well branched, high yield, sweet, determinate, 45 days.
10 seeds $2.45

RTP862 Tumbling Tom Yellow Tomato

Cascading yellow cherry for patio basket, fruits all summer, well branched, high yield, sweet, determinate, 45 days.
10 seeds $2.45


JM149 Sugar Baby

Most popular ice box melon. One of the sweetest small melons around. Sweet tender, red flesh. Good shipping melon. 6-10 pound fruits. 84 days.
25 Seeds $2.50


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