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Palm trees are our very favorite trees. Palm trees capture the essence of all things tropical. They evoke images, and perhaps memories, of warm exotic places. Fortunately, for those in cooler climates, many palms are cold hardy, such as the Trachycarpus fortunei, capable of withstanding prolonged subfreezing temperatures

As you grow palm trees from seed, you will realize why the larger specimens are so expensive. That is, if you live in an area where larger specimens are even available. They look like a blade of grass at first, and then a few leaves, and eventually a trunk will form. The Mexican fan palm is a fairly fast grower, but others like the Mexican blue are much slower growing. The slower growing trees, as you might well imagine, are the more expensive palms. If you are able to plan ahead, you could save hundreds of dollars just by growing your own trees for your landscape.

We are members of the International Palm Society and the Palm Society of South Texas. To ask questions about palms, an active message board is available at the International Palm Society Bulletin Board. We like to encourage the growth of more palm trees!

Cycas revoluta, Sago palms.

Cycas revoluta, Sago Palm.

Sago palms are slow growing, magnificent plants. They are hardy to 15 degrees but can also withstand the blistering heat of a south Texas summer. Once or twice a year they will produce a "break" of new leaves which is a complete circle of new leaves emerging all at once. This is a plant you will enjoy for years to come.

6 Sago Seeds
Item CRS101

12 Sago Seeds
Item CRS202

100 Sago Seeds
Item CRS303

P11 SILVER SAW PALM. Acoelorrhaphe wrightii.  Photo

A palm widely used in Florida for street decoration. It grows to a height of 20 ft. It has a slender trunk covered with brown fibers. The leaves are fan shaped and a light green with a silver back. The seeds germinate quickly and easily. This is good outdoor palm for mild climate areas.
10 seeds $2.25

P16 QUEEN PALM. Syagrus romanzoffiana.  Click here for photo

An excellent palm from Brazil. It withstands a wide range of climates and can be raised outside in northern areas if protection is given. The first simple leaves of this palm can be up to 3 ft. long. It will grow up to 60 ft. outside. The trunk is long and slender and will bear distinctive old leaf scars that accents its tropical look. The leaves are long and curving. Can be raised as a houseplant inside.
10 seeds $2.25

P18 TRAVELLER'S PALM. Ravenala madagascariensis.

A very large plant with large leathery leaves that reach 60 ft. tall or more when mature. Rather easy to raise inside or out.
5 seeds $2.25

P20 PONYTAIL PALM. Beaucarnia stricta. Click here for photo

One of the most widely raised palms in the world. Very easy from seeds. Has the familiar swollen trunk and grass like leaves. The perfect houseplant.
5 seeds $2.25


This is probably the most widely sold palm in the world. It is sold as a potted plant throughout the world. It is a fast growing clumping palm with pale green feather shaped leaves and slender trunks. It is best suited as a house palm and the seeds should be planted together to form a clump. Seeds germinate quickly. Plant needs plenty of sunlight.
10 seeds $2.25

P28 CANARY ISLAND DATE PALM. Phoenix canariensis.

From the Canary Islands off the Coast of Africa, this palm is widely grown as an ornamental tree. It is tolerant of cold and drought and can be easily raised from seeds if given heat. Outside, it will grow up to 60 ft. with a 3 ft. diameter trunk. Inside, its growth can be regulated by the size of container it is raised in. It has a distinctive spiky, architectural appearance that is a must for any home. It bears 2 in. long fruit that is orange when ripe. The old leaf scars on the trunk form diamond shaped patterns.
10 seeds $2.25

P30 PARLOR PALM. Neantha bella.

Grown throughout the world as a houseplant. Easy to care for with few requirements. Leaves are leathery, pinnate.
10 seeds $2.50

P35 EDIBLE DATE PALM. Phoenix dactylifera.  Click here for photo

This palm is grown commercially throughout the Middle East for its delicious and abundant fruit. It can be easily grown indoors. Outside, it will grow to a height of 80 ft. with a 12" trunk that is coverer with attractive leaf scars. The leaves are feather shaped with a beautiful gray-green coloration. It is a fast grower. Everyone should have one of these plants.
10 seeds $2.25

P41 FLORIDA SABAL. Sabal palmetto. Click here for photo

The Florida state tree. This is an attractive palm whose use is mostly outside as lawn decoration. It grows to 80 ft. tall with stiff, green costapalmate leaves. Has a smooth trunk that will reach 18" in diameter. Very easy to grow from seeds. It can be raised inside, but it will require much bright light.
10 seeds $2.25

P49 KING PALM, ALEXANDER PALM. Archontophoenix alexandrae.

A common sight in the tropics and subtropics. This is a majestic palm with huge silvery-green leaves and a light gray trunk, often swollen at the base. Bears cream colored flowers and can be raised inside if given high heat and humidity. Seeds germinate within a few weeks. Outside, the tree will reach a height of 60 ft.
10 seeds $2.25

P52 JELLY PALM. Butia capitata.  Click here for photo

A small palm with a short, stout trunk and bluish grey leaves. The orange fruits are edible and widely used to make a delicious jelly, thus the name. It is one of the few feather palms which is hardy, withstanding temperatures down to 10 degrees when established. Seeds are difficult to germinate, but to help them along you can file a small groove into the side of each seed to increase water absorption and germination of the seeds.
2 seeds $2.50

P55 PYGMY DATE PALM. Phoenix roebelenii.  Click here for more information and photos

This is a palm that truly everyone should have. It makes a great houseplant or lawn ornament. It only grows to 10 ft. ( smaller in containers ) and forms a perfect miniature palm. It has a slim, solitary trunk with soft feathery green leaves. The seeds germinate easily ( usually within six to eight weeks ) and the plant requires little maintenance or attention. Tolerates low light and abuse. This palm is a must for any deck.
10 seeds $2.25

P63 PANAMA HAT PALM. Carludovica palmata.

Again, not a true palm although you wouldn't know by its appearance. It has handsome pleated fan shaped leaves that appear in tiers in a spiral arrangement. Leaves are used in hat production. A very special plant.
5 seeds $2.50

P65 ROYAL PALM. Roystonea regia

A very beautiful palm that is grown in many countries. In warm climates will grow outside to 80' with a whitish, bulged trunk and leaves often reaching 3 feet or more. The trunk is smooth and new growth is bright green. A truly magnificent palm.
5 seeds $2.50

P68 CHINESE WINDMILL PALM. Trachycarpus fortunei. Click here for photo

A hardy fan palm that can stand cold to 10 degrees and also makes a good container plant inside. Fibre covered trunk and fan shaped leaves reaching to 3 ft. across. Easy to grow from seed. Highly recommended for outdoor temperate climates.
5 seeds $2.50

P75 MEXICAN FAN PALM, SKY DUSTER. Washingtonia robusta.  Click here for photo

This is the palm shown in the backgrounds of television shows shot in Los Angeles. It is a tall thin palm that grows to great heights very quickly. Outside, it can reach a height of 100 ft. or more. Remarkably, it also makes a great inside plant. Has fan shaped small green leaves and bears dark, glossy red seeds. It is drought tolerant and can be easily moved at any age.
10 seeds $2.25

D9608 SEALING WAX PALM, LIPSTICK PALM. Cyrtostachys lakka

A stunning feather palm with a bright red trunk. It is a tender palm and not easily grown outside of Malaysia. The seeds are very slow germinating and the plant needs constant warmth and light. You may wonder if any plant is worth this much trouble, but this one is.
5 seeds $3.50

D9603 MEXICAN BLUE PALM. Brahea Armata  Click here for photo

A slightly cold hardy palm that is so unusual with its silver blue palmate leaves with arched spadices. Very slow growing. Full-grown specimens are quite expensive. Also a good tub plant.
5 seeds $3.00

1A004 AMAZING CLIMBING PALM. Desmoncus schippii

A fascinating plant indeed. A vigorous climbing type palm that utilizes sharp spiny barbs to allow it to climb to great heights. Can be trimmed to control size. Slow and difficult to germinate, but well worth the effort.
3 seeds $2.50

1A037 PRINCESS PALM. Dictospermum album

Most unusual palm that flowers at an early age. Attractive blackish gray trunk and long arching fronds up to 3' long.
5 seeds $2.50



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