Seeds for Plants Used in Potpourri
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B1708 Incense Cedar Calocedrus Decurrens

Very hardy. The wood is scented and used to make cedar chests and closet shelves. The dried leaves and wood are used in Potpourri. An attractive lawn tree.
5 seeds $1.95

D7909 Weeping Myall  Acacia pendula

A graceful Australian tree resembling a weeping willow that has violet scented wood. Actually grows quite well in pots. The violet scent will last for months.
3 seeds $2.50

RHC211 Butterfly Bush   Buddleia

A vigorous, deciduous bush with long closely packed, very fragrant, lilac to purple flowers. The nectar-filled flowers will attract butterflies and bees. Mostly used in a garden setting. The fragrant flowers make great potpourri fixings.
250 seeds $12.95

D7917 Snow White Carnation  Dianthus caryophyllus

Probably the whitest carnations you will ever see. An excellent cutflower, they also make wonderful bedding and border plants. Has spicy-sweet fragrance.
25 Seeds $1.95

D1739 True Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

A beautiful aromatic perennial that is hardy to zone 5-9 and can be raised in tubs in colder climates. The most fragrant lavender. Beautiful lavender flowers on long stems and narrow green leaves. Sow in fall or spring. When planted in the garden, it will deter pests with its fragrance. When dried and placed in closets and drawers with clothes, it will deter moths and lend its wonderful fragrance to the clothes.
40 seeds $1.95

D7939  Peppermint Mentha

A beautiful plant with purple flowers and purple tinged leaves. Its fragrance is used in many different ways. The plant likes moist areas.
40 seeds $1.95

D7945 Citriodora Eucalyptus

An easy to grow pot plant that will grow just about anywhere. Has familiar Eucalyptus silvery green leaves and fresh lemony scent.
5 seeds $1.95


Making your own dry potpourris is an easy and enjoyable process. We are assuming you are going to make your potpourris from plants in your garden.

First, you will need to collect and dry your potpourri material. Collect flowers, leaves and branches of the plants early in the morning after the dew has dried off of the plants. Many different types of flowers and leaves can be used. The most often used flowers are rose petals, lavender, lemon verbena, rose geranium and tuberose. Do not hesitate to try different varieties. If it has rained recently, wait until two days after the rain before harvesting material. Dry the material on a piece of screen wire suspended off surface. Turn the material every couple of days until very dry. Keep materials out of sunlight or the materials may become quickly faded. If material tends to blow off, place another piece of screen over the materials. You do not have to harvest all of the materials needed for a potpourri at one time. Small quantities can be stored in airtight containers until needed.

When enough materials have been collected and dried, it time to start your potpourri. Start by mixing flowers, leaves and twigs until you have achieved the right visual effect. The right visual effect is whatever pleases you most. For every quart of flowers and leaves, add one tablespoon of fixative material. To this mixture add a couple drops or more of fragrance oil. Again, the right mixture is the one that pleases you most.

When the mixture is complete, store in an airtight container to allow the various fragrances to meld together. Store for about a week. Shaking the material around a couple of times during the wait will improve the results. The finished product can be stored in glass containers for a beautiful visual effect and the top opened whenever fragrance is desired. The mixture can also be made into sachets by placing in small teabags or muslin or cheesecloth bags.

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