Seeds for Plants Found in the Rainforest
from the Digital Raingardens Online Seed Catalog

These seeds have been carefully selected for their ability to be started indoors. These plants are unique and hold their own special place in nature. We hope that you will share the beauty and wonder of these plants with your friends and family.

D2902 St. John's Tree (Ceratonia)

An evergreen tree that grows to 50 ft. Has stout, leathery foliage and can be grown in containers. Grows well in dry soils. The edible pods can be made into flour, which makes delicious candies, cakes, pastries and drinks.
5 seeds $1.95

D2904 Tropical Dwarf Papaya (Carica)

A fast growing papaya only reaching 3- 4 ft. but bearing fruits as large as 2 lbs in 2 year from seed. A great container plant.
5 seeds $2.50

D2905 Jacaranda Tree (Jacaranda mimosifolia)

An easily grown tropical tree that can be grown in containers. Has mimosa type leaves and lavender blue flowers in clusters. Package of 25 seeds $2.50

D2907 Tropical Oak (Casuarina equisetifolia)

A conifer like tree that is used in Europe for windbreaks. A rather unusual tree that stands out from others.
20 seeds $2.00

SO545 Gourd Tree (Cujete)

A tropical tree spreading to 30 ft. or more. Produces a large gourd fruit similar to the Calabash tree. Flowering is nocturnal and occurs on the branches and trunk throughout the year.
5 seeds $2.50

SO350 Indian Banyan Tree (Ficus benghalensis)

Outside it is a huge tropical tree with heart shaped ovate leaves. As it gets older, it will develop silt roots which give it a very interesting appearance. This tree can easily be raised inside if kept properly pruned.
8 seeds $2.50

1A005 Screw Pine (Pandanus utilis)

A slow growing tree type plant with long leathery sword leaves sharply serrated at edges and arranged in a spiral manner. The tree will develop stilt roots. Requires warmth and bright light as an inside plant. We recommend soaking seeds in warm water 24 hours before sowing. Package of 2 seeds $2.00

1A006 Teakwood Tree

The famous hardwood tree native to Malaysia, the wood is heavier than water. A tall tropical tree with large, rough, leathery leaves and small mauve flowers. Package of 5 seeds $2.50

1A010 Wild Almond (Terminalia)

A tropical shrub to small tree that should be raised in the greenhouse for its unique ornamental appearance. Its bright green leaves turn red to pink at different times of the year. It has a profusion of flowers which are followed by edible nuts.
2 seeds $2.50

NW44 Jojoba Tree (Simmondsia chinensis)

A unique sub-tropical shrub growing to 12 ft. with light green-gray oval foliage. Bears the seeds that produce the Jojoba oil that is much in demand. Good container plant.
4 seeds $2.00

NW26 Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina domestica)

A member of the barberry family that has a striking resemblance to bamboo. Has leathery, bluish green leaves that are blushed with purple, bronze and red when new. Has attractive long clusters of white flowers in spring and very ornamental red berries in winter. Likes full sun to partial shade. Cold hardy to 5 degrees outside. Makes a good container plant inside. Start some now for a jump on next year.
10 seeds $1.50

NW10 Giant White Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia nicolai

This is the famous giant plant reaching 12 ft. or more in height and bearing loads of brilliant white flowers. Can be container grown if desired.
5 seeds $2.50

D2911 Golden Rain Tree (Koelreuteria)

A stunning tree with bright yellow flowers. Necklaces are made from the seeds and the flowers are thought to have medicinal properties in China.
8 seeds $2.75

D2921  Princess Tree (Paulowinia)

A stunning tree with purple trumpet shaped leaves. Good shade tree. To 40 ft.
5 seeds $1.95

D2925 Pineapple Guava (Feijoa)

A beautiful evergreen shrub that is easy to grow. Has dark green leaves with silvery underneath. The flowers are very attractive. The fruit is yellow green and has a pleasant pear like taste.
15 seeds $1.95

D2945 Raspberry Jam Acacia  (Acacia acuminata)

A small tree growing to 30 ft. with attractive feathery bluish grey foliage and orange yellow flowers in foot long spikes. The wood has a strong and very pleasant raspberry scent when cut.
3 seeds $2.50

D2957 Apple Ring Acacia  (Acacia albida)

A large tree to 60 ft. with blue feathery foliage. Large spikes of yellow flowers. Good for enriching the soil. Valuable livestock food in arid areas. Bark contains 28% tannin.
5 seeds $2.50

D2959 Cockscomb, Coral Tree (Erythrina)

A shrub that is often grown in pots and brought inside during the coldest times of the year. Has brilliant green leaves and vivid red flowers resembling waxed sweet peas. Its tropical type foliage makes for a nice houseplant,
4 seeds $1.95

D2964 Camel Thorn Acacia  (Acacia giraffae)

A large umbrella shaped tree with feathery foliage. Seeds have been used as a coffee substitute. From the African savannahs where it a favorite browse of elephants, giraffe, and elks. Heartwood is so hard that sparks have been known to fly when it is struck with an axe.
4 seeds $2.50

D2980 Flame of the Forest (Delonix regia)

It is called the tropics most glorious flowering tree. The flowers are vivid scarlet and borne copiously all over the shallow, domed crown.
10 seeds $2.50


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