Seeds for Sunflowers
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Zone Info: Raise all sunflowers as garden annuals.

2519 Black Russian Sunflower

Plants growing to 12ft. with large 15-18" heads filled with black seeds. Frequently used in bird seed mixes and called 'black oil' sunflower seed. 10 seeds per pack
$2.15 per Package

FA62 Choco Sun Sunflower ( Helianthus )

Great sunflower for pots and patios. Compact for pot culture, well branched, large golden yellow flowers with dark center, grows 12" tall and blooms in only 6 weeks.
Package of 10 seeds, $3.50

2362 Discovery Mix Sunflower

6-9 ft tall, 80-100 days. This novel mix combines the intensity and pattern of Gloriosa Polyheaded with several variations of double-petaled gold, maroon and copper blooms. Best direct seeded. 15 seeds per pack
$2.50 per Package

FA42 Dwarf Sungold Sunflower

100 seeds
1,000 seeds

Plants are only 2 feet tall, but produce 8 inch extra double flowers. Irresistible and just the height for kids to enjoy. Fits well in any garden. Easy to grow. A good container variety as well.
$2.35 per 5cc Package ( about 100 seeds )
$12.95 Bulk Package of 1,000 seeds.

FA43 Dwarf Sunspot Sunflower

50 seeds
1,000 seeds

Dwarf with 10" flower heads, for bedding or large pots, grows only 18" tall, blooms in 9 weeks from seed.
$2.95 per 5cc Package ( over 50 seeds )
$14.95 Bulk Package of 1,000 seeds.

2545 Ebony and Gold Sunflower

Tall, late color for your sunflower garden. This branching variety is loaded with golden blooms. Flowers at the top of the plant cluster together just like a bouquet and side stems are long and perfect for cutting. Ht. 60-96". 75-90 days. 10 seeds per pack
$2.15 per Package

2637 Full Sun Sunflower

40-60 inches. Excellent uniformity, well suited for professional cutflower producers. Golden-yellow petals, slightly longer than usual, surround purple-brown, pollen-free centers. Performs well even under difficult growing conditions. 10 seeds per pack
$2.15 per Package

2546 Giant Sungold Sunflower

Wonderfully cheerful golden flower. Fully double, teddy bear-type with blooms up to 8" across. Effective in tall borders as a screen for late season color. Branching. Ht. 60-72". 90-110 days. 10 seeds per pack
$2.15 per Package

2531 Holiday Sunflower

The classic sunflower. Traditional, golden-yellow petals with dark brown disks. This cheery addition to your summer garden will bear armfuls of 3-5" blooms. Multi-branching. Ht. 60-84".
$1.95 per Package

3252 Irish Eyes Sunflower

Dwarf plants loaded with multiple blooms that have golden pointed petals with green centers. Excellent for pot culture and cutting. Plants grow 24-30" tall. 60 days 10 seeds per pack
$2.15 per Package

2553 Rostov Russian Sunflower

Classic Russian sunflower. Heads grow up to 12" in diameter on 6' stalks. Large plants are very sturdy and withstand wind well. Very good variety for seed production. 110 days. 10 seeds per pack
$2.15 per Package

2533 Velvet Queen Sunflower

Velvety, 5" blooms are burgundy, mahogany, chestnut-red, and bronze with dark centers. Well-branched, free-flowering plants with strong stems. Ideal for borders or cut flowers. Ht. 60". 90-110 days. 10 seeds per pack
$2.15 per Package


66-72 in. Exciting pollenless bicolored sunflower. Blooms in shades of ruby red to pale pink with pale lemon tips and dark centers. Well branched plants produce numerous stems for cutting. Novel border plant. Also known as Strawberry Blonde.
10 seeds per pack $2.50 per Package


Lemon yellow with a chocolate center. 60-72 inches. Unique pollenless flower form. Large, 6-7 inch semi-double flowers have elongated outside petals that give the blooms a starburst type look. Well branched plants produce numerous 24 inch stems perfect for cutting. Novel border plant.
10 seeds per pack $2.50 per Package


60-80 in. Velvety dark burgundy pollenless blooms. Multi-branching plants produce numerous 3-4 inch single-flowered blooms on stems up to 30 inches long. Perfect for cutting and a delight in borders.
10 seeds per pack $2.50 per Package


20-24 inches tall. Unique, dwarf double red sunflower. Base-branching and stylish plant that is pollen free, ideal garden performance, potted plant, or cutflower.
10 seeds per pack $2.50 per Package


A wonderful new sunflower mixture of yellow, bronze, and red shades with lots of bicolors, growing about 7 feet tall. Good bird food selection.
Packaged in 1/2 tablespoon size packets ( usually about 200 seeds ) $2.95 per Package


Need several pounds of seeds for birdfeed or snacks or just want to dazzle the neighbors? Then plant a few of these mammoths and stand back.
10 seeds $1.95


Alluring medium sized deep red flowers that sport a velvety look with a hint of yellow around each brown center. Grows 6-8 ft. tall.
20 seeds 1.95


An heirloom variety that bears profusions of 4" ivory white blooms with a deep chocolate eye. Flowers make excellent cut flowers. Grows 4 ft. tall.
20 seeds $1.95


Short day flowering for cut blooms. Bright yellow 4"x6" flowerheads.
20 seeds $1.95


An heirloom variety that features a profusion of 4" blooms in a range of ivory white to creamy primrose yellow. Features a deep chocolate eye. Excellent cut flower specimen.
20 seeds $1.95


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