All Natural "Organic" and Completely Safe!

Aspergillus is a natural, completely organic, microorganism inoculate.  Beneficial results include:

This is a people & critter friendly product that is environmentally safe and easy to use.

Apergillus Is a Seed and Plant Growth Aid
It contains naturally occurring soil micro-organisms (Aspergillus) stabilized in dry form which help germinate seed and stimulate root growth. Keep product dry, water activates culture.

Directions for seeds: Coat seed with aspergillus before planting. For package of seed, add about one tsp. close package and shake to coat seed.

Directions for cuttings:  Coat 2 inches on end of cutting and insert coated end into a pre-made hole in the soil.

Directions for plants in the ground: To inoculate plants or trees already in the ground, make holes around root area and sprinkle a small amount into each hole, refill and water in.

Unlike other Growth Promoting Products that must be mixed and sprayed from every two to four weeks during the growing season, aspergillus needs to be applied just once a year! This product will last indefinitely if stored dry. Click Here for more information and how nitrogen is made from organic matter.

Note: When starting seed, a sterilized starting mix is recommended. Unsterilized soil might contain pathogenic bacteria, which can cause damping off of the seedling. During the sterilization process, however, even the beneficial microorganism are destroyed. Reinstate those beneficial microorganisms by adding Aspergillus inoculate.   You will be reinstating some of the lost micro-flora that the seed and newly formed root system need in order to grow into a healthy vigorous plant.

Bottom Line
Less Chemical Nitrogen = $$$
Increased Yields = $$$
Lower Cost = $$$

Notes: Water activates aspergillus.
Keep it dry prior to use.
After using aspergillus, keep it active with moist soil.

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